Varian Establishes Direct Operation in Kenya

Varian has announced the establishment of its direct sales and service operation in Kenya to serve the growing cancer population in the country and across East Africa.

The announcement comes when the country is battling with rising cases of the disease.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in Kenya, over 47,000 new cancer cases were diagnosed in 2018 and it is estimated to reach over 115,000 new cases by 2040.

Over 1 million new cases were diagnosed in 2018 across Africa and it’s estimated to grow to over 2.1 million by 2040.

During the grand opening ceremony of its Kenya office, Chris Toth, President, Varian Oncology Systems said: “With the increasing need for advanced cancer treatment in Kenya and the region, we believe it is the right time to establish direct sales and service to assist the oncology care community”.

Left, Hon. Dr Swarup Mishra Kiprop Arap Chelulei, MP, Kesses, Vice Chairman, Parliament Health Committee, and Group Chairman and Founder Mediheal Hospitals, and H.E. Governor Prof. Anyan’g Nyong’o, Governor of Kisumu County and Vice Chairman, CoG Health Committee. Image|Courtesy

The function was attended by local dignitaries - Dr. Anne Wambui Ng’ang’a, Head, Kenya Cancer Control Programme, Ministry of Health, H.E. Governor Prof. Anyan’g Nyong’o, Governor of Kisumu County and Vice Chairman, CoG Health Committee and Hon. Dr. Swarup Mishra Kiprop Arap Chelulei, MP, Kesses, Group Chairman and Founder, Mediheal Hospitals, Vice Chairman, Parliament Health Committee.

Varian has been selling and servicing its technology-leading radiotherapy systems to Kenyan hospitals via a Nairobi-based distributor, but now it intends to sell and service its systems directly starting this month.

Over the past 25 years, Varian has installed 174 radiotherapy systems across Africa, including eight in Kenya.

In 2019, the Nairobi West Hospital in Kenya became the first clinic in the country and in West, Central, and East Africa to begin treating cancer patients using the Varian Halcyon™ radiotherapy system.




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